Q. What are the benefits of a custom made orthotic over
one that is prefabricated?
A. Many foot problems are caused by bio-mechanical problems.
To correct these problems an orthotic needs to be fabricated to each foot.
At Custom Foot Care each orthotic is made from an impression of your feet.
This is the most effective way of treating
the bio-mechanical problem.

Q. Can I call you?
A. Yes! Give us a call and we can discuss our orthotic program . Call our Toll Free #.

Q. Do my orthotics require special care?
A. No. They can be cleaned with warm soap and water.

Q. Can a problem in my feet contribute to pain in my back and neck?
A.We have never claimed to cure back problems,
but I have had many clients who have found relief
from these type of problems through orthotics.

Q. What are the orthotics made of?
A. They are fabricated using a Ultra High Molecular Poly Ethelene.
We use this material because it has a small amount of flexability,
but it will maintain its shape and give good support for an extended period of time.

Q. How long will orthotics last?
A. In most cases the orthotics will last for years.
In children they usually need to be changed about every two years
depending upon growth.

Q. Do your orthotics have a guarantee?
A. Yes they are quaranteed against breakage for one year.
If an adjustment is necessary, which happens in less than 5%
it will be done at no charge.

Q. What length are your orthotics?
A. The orthotics are three quarter length, and end just behind the ball of the foot.
This is the ideal length because it gives the most support,
with the least amount of bulk.

Q. Are these the same orthotics that are used by Podiatrists.
A. Yes. These are the type of Orthotics that I have used in my past practice for years.

Q. How can you make a custom orthotic for the $89.95
when other sites, and Doctors charge much more?
A. This is about the price that a lab would charge Podiatrist
for fabrication of this type of orthotic.

Q. Can you make an orthotics from molds of my feet that I already have ?
A. Yes we do this frequently. Call us and we will be happy to discuss this.

Please call or email if you have questions:
Call Toll Free 1-800-540-7498
(Mountain Time Zone)

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